Employment grant – scale ups:

Jerusalem-based tech companies or those that relocate to the city, whose R&D department grew by at least 15 employees over the last 12 months, are entitled to grants of up to 7,200,000₪ for their employees.

Who is eligible?

  • Tech companies
  • Registered in Israel 
  • At least 500 employees in Jerusalem
  • Based in Jerusalem or relocating to Jerusalem.

The company should have had a revenue turnover of at least 30M₪ during the last 12 months or raised at least 100M₪ since its inception.

About the benefit
In accordance with the grant’s terms, for every ‘eligible employee’ the company may apply for an initial grant of 120,000₪ if the employee lives in Jerusalem, or 60,000₪ if the employee lives outside of Jerusalem.

After submitting the initial application, that should include at least 15 ‘eligible employees’, the company may submit another application for 45 additional ‘eligible employees’ (60 employees in total). For the second application, the company can get 46,000₪ for an employee who lives in Jerusalem and 35,000₪ for an employee who lives outside of Jerusalem.

The grant is available for a maximum of 60 employees (maximum total of 7,200,000₪).

Important note
There is not a specific date by which to apply, as applications for the grants are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The grant is awarded over an eighteen-month period. Grantees will be paid 60% upon acceptance, and the remaining 40% will be delivered eighteen months later.

The grant is not a form of loan and does not cause dilution in any way.

How to apply
Please read carefully the comprehensive grant guidelines (Hebrew)

Contact Moshek@jda.gov.il if you have questions or when you are ready to apply.