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Technology companies in Jerusalem are able to access unique financial benefits to help them grow and expand their company in the city. These benefits are aimed to assist companies at different development phases and industry sectors. A number of these benefits are offered directly by Jnext while others are offered by national government as part of the special status that Jerusalem enjoys as a priority development area

General information is offered here about each benefit, its structure, basic eligibility criteria with a link to a page with the full conditions. We provide hands-on guidance and support to help you clarify whether your company is eligibility to receive the benefits. You are very welcome to contact us directly to discuss the options.

In addition to the financial benefits that we offer, our door is always open to help companies overcome specific challenges that they may encounter and to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves on a day-to-day basis such as leveraging connections and participating in relevant events and group visits, etc.

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Tech companies that have completed one of the accelerator programs in Jerusalem are entitled to a welcome grant of 25,000NIS towards renting their first office space in Jerusalem.