Welcome Grant

Tech companies that have completed one of the accelerator programs in Jerusalem are entitled to a welcome grant of 25,000₪ towards renting their first office space in Jerusalem.

Who is eligible?

  • New companies that have participated in and completed an accelerator program for tech companies or received an R&D grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority and wish to rent or are already renting their first office in Jerusalem (including designated shared spaces).
  • The company must have a rental contract for an office or an approved shared workspace in Jerusalem for at least six months from the application date.

About the benefit

The company is entitled to a grant of 25,000₪ which is awarded over a six-month period.

Important note

There is not a specific date by which to apply, as applications for the grants are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The grant is not a form of loan and does not cause dilution in any way.

How to apply

For more information please read the guidelines in a nutshell (in Hebrew).

Please read carefully the comprehensive grant guidelines (in Hebrew).

Contact Moshek@jda.gov.il if you have questions or when you are ready to apply.